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1. Provide relevant COVID-19 information Brief all employees and provide guests, on relevant information and procedures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

2. Provide guests and staff the alcohol hand sanitizers at the hotel entrance, lobby, reception desk, restaurant, hotel bar and swimming pool.

3. Provide a mask for all staff, especially housekeepers, have to wear gloves during cleaning a guest room.

4. More frequent cleaning and disinfection of commonly used hand-touched surfaces. Especially, elevator button, telephone button, doorknob, restaurant tables, and menus.

5. Strictly monitor & record guest information and send it to the Immigration Bureau to co-operate and ensure that we provide accurate information to the government for tracking where our guest comes from and goes.

6. Nursing room and pop-up screening point at the lobby. The nurse staff will screen and take care of the guest. If there is any infected guest, will contact and coordinate with the public health in Cha-Am area for further management immediately.

7. Clean bedding materials with hot water.