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Indian wedding

Indian Wedding Ceremony

Thai wedding events is usually organized as a religious ceremony, such as Buddhist, Christian and Islamic ceremonies. On the other hand, the Indian wedding, itself consists of significant moments of religion and culture that pull together to create a beautiful and elegant celebration of marriage. Every detail will be prepared carefully to make the best romantic wedding event for an Indian couple.

Indian Wedding Ceremony Steps

1. The Baraat

This ceremony is similar to Thai wedding Procession (“Khan Maak” Procession). The bride will be waiting for the groom at the wedding venue. The groom will be on a white horse, leading the wedding parade. He will give friends and close relatives the gifts when he arrives at the entrance to get into the venue.

2. Jai Mala ceremony

The couple exchange garlands. Also their family and relatives will introduce him/herself to each other and exchange gifts  to signify the start of their marriage rituals and as a symbol that both parties have already been connected to one family.

3. Gift giving as Hindu tradition

The couple exchange their gifts which are clothing and accessories. Groom’s mother will give the bride a necklace as signifying that welcome the bride to be her family. 

4. Saptapadi

The Priest starts chanting and blessings to the couple. The groom and bride hold their hand around while taking seven steps together around the holy fire and making a promise to each other. Bride’s father takes his daughter’s right hand in the groom’s hand as a symbol of saying goodbye to her family. After the bride stepped out of the house, she will turn back to scatter rice into the house for blessing her family prosperity and happiness.

Indian wedding is typically as all of the above steps, but actually each state, each caste has its own unique wedding steps which makes its ceremony different from the original tradition. The Indian wedding usually will be held at home to make friendliness among the couple’s relatives. Beachfront venue is also popular and the best choice to arrange the romantic event as a huge space provided with fully great facilities and beautiful backgrounds.

Indian Wedding Package

This is your destination for an Indian wedding, where both vibrant celebrations and intimate beach ceremonies can be held, we design your dreams. Guests can also choose to have their wedding in the grand ballroom, all of which caters up to 1,000 guests. It’s your day, have it your way and leave the work up to us.

  • Accommodation Rooms : 442.
  • Built on an expansive 50 rais ( 80,000 sq.m) of land, the hotel houses 7 elegant venues, all catering to your diverse tastes and flavours.
  • Venue allows pool parties.
  • Venue allows partial outside F&B catering.
  • Venue allows buy-out.
  • Venue allows kitchen rental.
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