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Thai Wedding

Thai Wedding Ceremony

The wedding is an event that officially symbolized as the couple has started their new chapter in life together. And thus, the ceremony is very important and the steps of ceremony is slightly different depending on the couple’s religious. Thai wedding event, typically will be arranged following Buddhist marriage ceremony and the couple will dress up in Thai traditional suite, all makes charming Thai wedding ceremony has so many steps and details in wedding processes as follows;

Thai Wedding Ceremony Steps

1. Buddhist Religious Ceremony

Starts in the early morning or before 11 AM depends on the auspicious time which the groom and bride have to invite 9 monks to their place to make merit and offering food to them. Firstly, the monks will do the Buddha’s blessing ceremony to the groom and bride before offering the food. After that, the monks will sprinkle with holy water and bless the couple to have good fortune in couple life then do the Anointed forehead for the groom and bride.

2.Khan Mak Procession

After religious ceremony step, the groom and his parents will lead Khan Mak parade at the auspicious time to the bride’s place whereas the bride and her family will get ready to welcome the parade by the representative from the bride’s side. When the groom has arrived, they will not let them easily to pass the symbolic door from the bridesmaid or bride’s family until the groom or Khan Mak’s leader do something or give money to them as a fee.

3.Proposal and Marriage

After the groom has passed all the doors and all Khan Mak’s parade are set up, the groom will pick up theo bride from room or the hidden place and lead her to the ceremony’s place. The Groom’s representative will ask for proposal from the bride’s parents and offer the dowry (Sin-Sod Thong-Mun) for compensate to the bride’s family, then both parents will spread the auspicious cereal crops such as sesame, paddies and green peas and flowers which means for the growth of the couple life.

4.The Engagement

Groom and Bride exchange engagement rings among their parents and the witness. Afterwards, the groom and bride are pay respect to elders and parents for forgiveness they may give some value to the couple such as money or gold.

5.Water Pouring Ceremony

The important ceremony in Thai tradition, the groom and bride will sit at Tang water conch shell table set (bride will sit on the left and the groom will be on the right). Both of them wear auspicious thread on their heads which ceremonial by the honored person for them. After that, guests will take the ceremonial water pouring over the couple’s hand and bless them.

6.The Marital Bed

The last step of Thai traditional wedding ceremony, the bed has been prepared by the senior happy couple life with two pillows and the ceremonial auspicious things on their bed. Then, the bride’s parents will teach them about the marriage life lesson and bless them for couple life.

After finishing all process, everyone will gather to enjoy food and drink at the dining room or banqueting venues to celebrate for the groom and bride to have the peaceful and happy couple life.

Thai Wedding Package

Maximum Guests: 50 persons.
(Additional will be charged THB 600 per person).

Engagement Ceremony Package covers the following items;

  • Sofa set up on stage for up to 8 guests
  • Table beside stage for Khan Maak
  • Seating arrangement for your guests
  • 2 Floral stands on stage
  • 1 bouquet for bride
  • 8 VIPs corsages
  • Standard backdrop with personalized lettering
  • Sound system (Background music and microphone)
  • Complimentary changing room at the venue
  • Welcoming coffee, tea, and one type of herbal drink for 50 persons
  • Welcoming snacks of 3 items for 50 persons
  • Complimentary one-night stay in our Superior room, including breakfast and in-room Wedding amenities

Remark :

  • Venue usage from 06:00 – 12:00 hrs.
  • Above rates are inclusive of 10% service charge and applicable government VAT, currently 7%
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