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Western wedding

Western Wedding Ceremony

Western Wedding Ceremony is very popular and could be held on whether a peaceful lawn or tropical beach location. The bride will wear a white dress and the groom will be in a formal suit, walking side by side among guests.

Western Wedding Ceremony Steps

1.Enter the wedding ceremony

This step is so beautiful and romantic, you may have seen this step from a romantic movie in Europe. The bride will appear for the first time in this ceremony, her father walks his daughter down the aisle while the groom will be waiting for her at the altar and guests will stand up to welcome the bride. And sat down when the groom had accepted the bride on stage.

2.The Exchange of vows

This ceremony is for Christians. A priest will come to perform the ceremony, starting by welcoming the couple and invite the wedding guests to pray and sing praises to God. After that, the priest will read a passage from the bible which is about love and marriages. Then, everyone will stand up, the priest read the vows and the couple response with “I do”. If the couple is not Christian, they can exchange vows to each other instead.

3.Exchange engagement rings

In the case of the religious marriage ceremony, after you exchange vows, the couple will exchange rings and the priest will bless them as symbols of your love and fidelity. But if not a religious marriage wedding, the couple can exchange the rings by themselves.

4.The kiss

This is the moment that everyone’s been waiting for. It’s the best wedding scene for taking a photo, therefore cameraman needs to be ready and ensure that no mistake will happen and will not miss the kissing shot.

5.Throw bride’s bouquet

This step is fully happiness and fun. The bride will throw her flower over her shoulder to single women who waiting behind. The tradition is believed that the single lady who caught it would then get some of the good fortunes and would be next in line to marry.

Western Wedding Venues

In the case of no religious marriage ceremony, the wedding could be held on whether a peaceful lawn or tropical beach location or especially beachfront resort which is popular and wedding guests are convenient to participate in wedding party and also take a rest in hotel’s room. A waterfront wedding makes your event more memorable with a comfortable and romantic atmosphere among sand and beautiful sea, especially Hua Hin Beach, a perfect wedding destination in Thailand. See more for the indoor or outdoor wedding venue at Regent – Chaam, Hua Hin. 


Le Vendome

Accentuated with high ceilings and all romantically designed in white décor, this could be the wedding venue for your perfect dream wedding.

The sky beachfront deck outdoor

The Sky Beachfront Deck

The Sky Beachfront Deck our definition of luxurious and extraordinary, is a cleverly and beautifully constructed wooden deck over-looking.

Lakeside Pavilion Meeting

Lakeside Pavillion

A large sheltered outdoor venue with a built in stage, suitable for company events, concerts, wedding functions and outdoor activities.


Beachfront Venue

With the longest prime stretch of 400-meter beachfront, the resort is perfect for hosting spectacular outdoor events, wedding and celebrations.


Western Wedding Package

75,000.- THB
Maximum Guests: 50 persons.
(Additional will be charged THB 300 per person).

The Western Wedding Package covers all following items;

  • Venue rental for pre-wedding photo shooting.
    (Beachfront venue, The Sky Beachfront Deck, Tropical Garden, Beach Lawn and Thai Heritage House).
  • Wedding Planner and Ceremony Assistant.
  • Ceremony arrangements and decorations.
  • Stage and Sound System.
  • Wedding Celebrant (Non-religious).
  • Fresh Bridal Bouquet and Flower corsages for Groom.
  • 90 minutes Spa Treatment Voucher for Wedding Couple.
  • Honeymoon set-up in the room.
  • Ceremonial Toast for Bride and Groom.
  • One bottle of Processor for Bride and Groom.

Special Offer : Room rates on accommodation are available for friend and family who attend the wedding.

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